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With the passage of the Biggert-Waters Act and the changes in most FEMA flood maps in Massachusetts, Elevation Certificates have become a necessity in many real estate purchases, refinances and reverse mortgages. Many homeowners whose structures did not previously exist in a Special Flood Hazard Zone now find themselves in one and, after notification from their lender, are in need of an Elevation Certificate. An Elevation Certificate is a form produced by FEMA that allows an Engineer, Surveyor or Architect to determine and document the exact elevations of a structure, it's design, utility placement, etc. This form, once completed, would normally be passed to the homeowners insurance agent. The insurance agent would, in most cases, send the information to FEMA or private market carrier who would respond with insurance rates determined by the information contained in the Elevation Certificate.

Some information when ordering an Elevation Certificate:

- Access to your basement and/or home will be necessary (usually not more than 30 minutes)

-The usual fee range is $600 - $800

-Turnaround time is 5 business days. Rush orders are available with a small fee increase (an additional $25-$50 will be added in some instances)

-We are always available to answer questions from our client, their insurance agent, potential buyers or sellers, etc.

-Referral Policy: The nature of Elevation Certificates allows for considerable cost reductions when doing more than one in a particular neighborhood. If you have any neighbors that may be in need of an Elevation certificate as well, consult together, contact us and we'll be able to offer a reduced to rate to all parties (usually $50-$100 or more!)

-Please use the Headings above to look up your property on the FEMA flood maps, view an EXAMPLE ELEVATION CERTIFICATE and CONTACT us for further information and pricing. Thank you for you interest in our company!

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